Best Ways to Store Scanned Documents

Scanning documents is a modern way of storing and making copies of physical papers. It helps important documents persist. All businesses amass paperwork on a daily basis; the only problem is the limited storage space. As a solution, equipment, furniture, and other office fixtures put up are compact and space saving to free extra space needed for storage. The FS-1018MFP works perfectly in this kind of environment. It prints, copies, and scans up to 10,000 impressions a month in monochrome. This helps create digital copies of documents in a much easier way.

Convenient and Space-saving Storage of Digital Copies

Store documents in a removable storage device. The FS-1018MFP has a USB 2.0 interface, which allows direct use of removable media storage right after scanning. Flash drive and external hard drives are just a few examples. These can store from 2GB up to 750GB of scanned documents in different formats.

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Export documents on a computer hard drive and other external media storage. Other than removable devices, scanned documents can also be stored on the computer’s hard drive. The LAN (local network area) allows users to export data from one computer to another in the office minus the hassle. However, it is advisable to create backup copies of the documents outside the computer just in case it is corrupted or the user is away on his desk. Single or batch of documents can also be saved on DVDs and CDs through the DVD – CD writer.

Take advantage of web services. Nowadays, uploading data on web services is an excellent way of storing volumes of documents. Users only need to make an account on the web service and all printed, scanned, copied and even faxed documents will be transferred and received. Additionally, it can be accessed in different computers provided that an Internet connection is present. Moreover, it offers the highest storage capacity for different formats of documents. The only problem is that the FS-1018MFP only has a LAN connection. A printer must have at least an Ethernet connectivity to make a direct storage of the website or emails. However, since it has LAN interface, documents can be transferred from the computer to the web server. It takes a bit longer but is still efficient and effective.

Kyocera TK-18 TK18 FS-1018 1020 Remanufactured High Yield Toner Cartridge

Kyocera TK-18 TK18 FS-1018 1020 Remanufactured High Yield Toner Cartridge

Scanning documents single or by batch is a bit time consuming. However, once these are stored properly on one of the suggested storage places above, each document can be retrieved and reproduced with ease. In addition, using the FS-1018MFP, a small office will not have to worry about in-house documents. Its 18 ppm speed and toner cartridge also comes in a compatible Kyocera TK-18, will help produce 7,500 pages while its scanning function helps reduce clutter.

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