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Accounting and Print Management: How It Improves Office Efficiency

Accounting printing management for work efficiency

One of the major setbacks that plague an office day to day operation are print and accounting problems that seems to complicate management processes. To scale down the management anxiety most offices rely on network based print management software for the solution.

Office operation is a nightmare as viewed from a layman’s point of view. There are so many operational lapses that could affect efficiency, reduce productivity and quadruple expenditures. All of these compounds the management’s effort to as much as possible streamline the office atmosphere. The entry of a print management software is heaven sent as it is designed to offer solutions to ease day to day office operation.

The main thrusts of a print management software is to allow management to take control of the office print accounting quickly and conveniently. Take note that businesses spend between 3% and 5% of annual printing expenses, and could skyrocket if not addressed effectively. As the software takes over, it will save the business money, time and resources, solve accounting problems immediately.

The benefits that the software offers include (1) savings on print costs, (2) enhancing print security, (3) reduce print waste, and (4) stabilize the office carbon footprint.

  1. Savings on print costs – as the software delivers accurate print accounting, it automatically dents erroneous costs, like marked reduction in print consumable expenses, and minimize personnel print monitoring activities.
  2. Enhancing print security – it enables the printer to release documents only to the employee requesting the print job. It is done by asking the requesting staff to provide identification for instant verification, before the printed documents can be released.
  3. Reduce print waste – total and accurate monitoring is the domain of the software, it automatically deletes duplicate print jobs, reroute print jobs to more efficient printers. It also allows the staff to double check the document or printing will not be processed.
  4. Stabilize the office footprint – as the print jobs are done by efficient printers it will result in reduction of print waste. And when print operation are optimized, it reduces the impact of the organization to the environment.

Be aware that unclaimed printouts left in trays are not only a cause of security breach but also a huge waste of resources. All confidential documents that are left piled in office print centers and copy rooms can easily be misplaced or reach the wrong beneficiaries.

More and more organizations are seeing the benefits of network based print management software to address nagging questions about print and accounting problems.  

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