Printer Troubleshooting

4 Biggest Printer Problems and How to Solve Them

Just like most machines, printers require proper maintenance and care for them to function well. However, sometimes a tricky problem may come up. While some issues will be specific to laser or inkjet others might be common problems. Some of these problems may include refusing to print, running through toner fast or even printing at a snail’s pace. The good thing is that many of these problems can be solved. For instance, if you have a toner problem you simply might need to get a Lexmark toner replacement for your Lexmark printer. Here are the 4 major printer problems.


1. Printer runs out of toner but can still print.

If you get a low supply warning, do not rush to replace your cartridges. Although most modern printers come with an ink tank level indicator, sometimes their accuracy varies from one company to another. You only need to continue printing beyond the warning and see how far it can go. By doing this, you will know whether these warnings are true or not. However, if you are starting on a large job, you may need to replace or refill the cartridge.


2. Ink or toner is expensive

Over the years there has been a lot of sneaky practices in the printing industry. This includes dirt cheap printers sold below the cost. It’s, however not guaranteed that these cartridges from third party vendors will give you your money’s worth especially with low or limited page yield. One of the best ways to go about this is to purchase higher capacity toner cartridges such as Lexmark toner with 2000 plus page.


3. Having a slow printer

While some printers are fast, some are very slow. However, the good thing is that you can be able to get a slow printer to speed up. Unless you need a high quality formal report you can always print in draft. You also need to avoid two sides printing since the print has to change the document to print both sides. If possible, print from a PCL or host based driver.


4. Print jobs stuck in print queue

If you are unable to print because a print job is stuck in the queue, you need to do something immediately. This issue can occur because of reasons such as power outage. To resolve this problem, check your source of power and get a backup before starting your printing process. Also, if you are experiencing paper jams, ensure that you square off your papers before putting them in the tray. If this does not solve the issue, check the printer’s user manual and if necessary contact the manufacturer’s tech team.

Well, those are the 4 most common printer problems. Some of these problems are so simple that you only need to replace a Lexmark toner cartridge to solve them. However, if you are unable, it’s important to contact professionals.

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