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3 Simple Ways To Troubleshoot PDF File Printing Problems

When your printer refuses to print, figuring out the source of the problem can really be difficult even to the experienced eye. PDF file printing problems, for instance, could come from a communication glitz between the computer and the laser printer, thus PDF file printing could not be completed. In this scenario, the printer could be at fault; perhaps there are bugs to the software or maybe the PDF file is corrupted. From the looks of it, it seems that the source of the trouble can never be accurately pinpointed.

How do we resolve the PDF file printing problems? The most common solution is to initiate a thorough review or troubleshoot each of the 3 primary sources of the problem the laser printer, the software and the condition of the PDF file.

First and foremost, look closely at the printer hardware. The problem could come from a loose connection, particularly the cables connecting the computer and the printer. A loose power connection can also be the culprit if the plugs are not properly seated to the power outlet. Also, try unplugging the printer from the USB hub and plug it directly to the USB port of the computer. In addition, if the above sequences fail, switch-off the printer and only turn it on after a minute. The little break could improve the connectivity status of the devices or better yet, try using a different printer to resume PDF file printing. Last on the agenda involves checking the printer driver it has been upgraded and therefore compatible with the print software.

Second, check the PDF file for printing issues. The PDF file may look fine on the computer monitor but looks can be deceiving. For all you know it could have missing or corrupted data. To resolve the issue, try the Print Image option and print ensure that your laser toner cartridge has enough toner. If this fails to correct the problem, copy or download the PDF file again directly into the hard drive particularly if the PDF file source is the Web or e-mail in order to restore damaged and corrupt data. Alternatively, recreate a new PDF file with a revised name and try printing again this should resolve the issue.

Lastly, the software could be the source of the PDF file printing problems. What the user can do is to restart the computer and open the PDF file again. It will not be surprising if the laser printer can start PDF file printing again since restarting the computer clears its memory and memory cache, which restores the files integrity.

When experiencing PDF file printing problems, do not lose heart. Try to resolve the issue because these could just be simple connectivity problems that can be resolved without requiring technical assistance from experts.

Next time your laser printer encounters PDF file printing issues, remember the common solutions that can be employed to resume the printing of hard copies again.

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    For example, a PDF file can contain damaged content such as images or fonts that Acrobat cannot process during printing.

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