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Three Secrets That Will Help You Nail Your Next Presentation

In those all-important meetings, there is no better way to directly engage your audience than when you put together a professional and thorough printed presentation using Pitney Bowes toner – and your skills and expertise.

Keeping your audience engaged during the meetings you host can be a challenge – especially when the meeting’s subject matter is forcibly a bit “dry”. Does anyone really get excited about attending the next quarterly budget meeting? Aside from the number crunchers, probably not. However, when you offer your attendees an engaging printed presentation using Pitney Bowes toner, your chances of powerfully conveying your message to your attendees rises exponentially.

Let’s take a look at some key ways that you can knock your next presentation out of the park by incorporating a printed presentation:

1. Tell a story. We often forget that presentations are a form of communication as old as time. Think about when you were a child, sitting around a fire with your family, and your grandfather launched into a story about what life was like when he was young. He was probably very engaging and gave details that you had never heard before.

An expert presenter knows how to incorporate a few good stories into the presentation to help get the audience engaged and at attention. How can you relate this to your written presentation? Incorporate a story within it that you do not discuss during the verbal presentation, but give your audience a teaser about it as being a “must-read” after the meeting.

2. Understand your audience. Are the people you are presenting to a hearty, laughing bunch who love to goof around and have fun? Definitely gear your presentation to the fun side! Using Pitney Bowes toner, you can include countless fun images and quotes into your written presentation. Consider breaking up the serious presentation content with a few meme pages or something similar that will catch them off guard and make them laugh!

If, however, you are presenting to a serious group, make sure to fill your presentation with a lot of stats and charts that will give them meat to chew on.

3. Know your purpose. Don’t get side-tracked and get off subject. You’ll lose your audience quickly. Use your written presentation to help keep your thoughts on track. If you feel yourself deviating or rambling, have everybody turn to the next page and continue from there.

The use of a printed presentation is a key aspect to a successful overall presentation. Keep this in mind the next time you are charged to present in front of an audience.


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Mini Mobile Printers: How It Works?

How Mini Mobile Printer Works

A mobile office is never complete without a mini mobile printer. Mobile printing brought versatility to how office personnel conducts business.

What is mobile printing: This is the term given to products and services that allow personnel to print documents even when they are away from a traditional network or the office printer. It normally operates wireless relying on Bluetooth and radio waves to communicate. Previous older handheld portable devices use infrared signals, much like remote controls of electronic devices. Continue Reading