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Printer Troubleshooting

How to resolve hp laserjet pro m1132 error e8

When the e8 error light of the hp laserjet pro m1132 printer starts flashing, it could only mean problem with the scanner carriage. Once carriage movement stalls, the printer automatically responds by sending an e8 error light.

The cause of the irregularity could be software based, or there is a break in the scanner motor connection, or the problem could be the motor itself and last the mechanism may have stalled. All problems had ready answers: reimage repair tools for the software and manual repairs or maintenance for failure attributed to mechanical parts of the printer. Continue Reading


E Waste Management For Better Environment

In this era of modern science, the growth of technology is unbelievable. Every day, different companies are producing various devices and products. They are making those products to loosen the use of a human. Thus, we are taking the new device and throw the old appliances. But this fact is causing a great danger for the environment on the earth. These old tools are making e-waste. E-Waste means electronic waste. This waste especially comes from big offices and organizations. We also produce e-waste at our home. That is why E Waste Management is a mandatory thing in this current situation. We need to manage this waste to keep our environment livable for the next generation.

Electronic waste takes a lot of time to get rotten. They are not like the organic waste. Organic waste takes small time to get back to the earth, and they don’t do any harm to the earth. But in the case of e-waste, the scenario is opposite of that. It is a great threat to the earth. For a better environment with pure air, e-waste management is required.

Most of the electronic devices have some parts which can recycle for next use. In a device, not the all parts are a waste. Some parts remain good which we can use for new products. In offices, the hard drive, air conditioners, the copy machine, monitor and some other electronic devices are the main e-wastes. We can manage them in a proper way. Here I have shared some ideas which you can do for proper e-waste management in your office.


Buy fewer Things

Purchase only the necessary things which are needed for your office. Sometimes we see that there are a lot of additional electronic devices are in an office. They make a lot of waste. So, we should be careful about this thing.


Donate or Give Way e-waste

If you have some electronic equipment which can be used, but you don’t need them, you can donate them instead of throwing them in the dustbin. There is no tax on the donation so that you can save some money for your office. Beside this, you can also keep the environment safe for the next generation. There is some organizations and website which collect this e-waste.


Sell Them

If most of the devices and electronic equipment are useable, but you don’t need them, you can sell them at a good price. So, it is not necessary for e-waste management or any other things.

Printer Troubleshooting

How to print from a different software program

A computer or laptop per se is a hardware and need a special software to do the task expected from it. A parallel analogy is that of a car (a real hardware) that will need a driver to move around. The driver in the analogy is the operating system (OS) uploaded into the computer that makes doing tasks possible. The OS is a software that controls and tell the computer how to operate: controls the hardware, executes programs, manages resources, assign tasks, and gives the user an interface through the computer to monitor the work at hand. Continue Reading


Replacement Toner Cartridges-Types and Price

In an office, the most common work is printing various types of stuff for different works. So, you need to use a high-quality toner on your office printer. The printing quality is greatly depended on the quality of the toner cartridge. So, do not compromise with the quality of cartridges. Usually, each printer comes with a starter toner cartridge which can print a specific number of pages. After finishing this toner cartridge, we need to change that. For this task, we need to use replacement toner cartridges. When you search for the replacement cartridges, you will find a lot of models with various prices. Taking the right decision about the toner is difficult. But if you keep some particular thing in mind, you can choose the right product for your office.

Continue Reading

Laser Printers

Which Two Categories of Laser Printers Are?

A printer is one of the most important output devices which has a large area of usage. In daily office works, a lot of things needed to be print. That is why the printer is a must needed item. Currently, we see mainly two types of printers: laser printers and the inkjet printers. For office purpose, laser printers are the best choice. Laser printers are mostly two kinds. Two categories of laser printers are personal and the office laser printers. Continue Reading


How Many Times Can I Refill My Cartridge?

Cartridges have been manufactured to last considerably, a huge turnaround from what printer makers want the users to believe. Under normal printing circumstances, a cartridge can last up to four printing lifetimes.

This only means that OEM cartridges can be refilled up to three times. Three is normally the practice because experience reveals that printing irregularities regularly appear on the fourth refill.

However, a cartridge can last indefinitely if remanufacturing is practiced. Remanufacturing only means overhauling the cartridge, defective parts are replaced, reassembled, tested before ink or toner is poured over. This give users distinct advantage, because buying new cartridges subsequently is omitted.