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March 2017


How To Handle My Cartridge When Refilling?

All cartridges are refillable, only that some are blessed with refill holes for easy access.

For cartridges like Brother, the refill hole is usually found on the side which can be pried open with a screwdriver or some other devices.

Other cartridges that discourage refilling are opened directly on the ink chamber by special tools that regularly comes with a compatible ink pack.

Once the ink cartridges are opened, refilling follows an accepted procedure. The procedure must be followed to a ‘T’ or print quality will suffer. Laser cartridges for example must be cleared of leftover toner, used and new toner must never mix because of differing magnetic polarities. This is the main reason why print irregularities appear in laser printing.



How To Tell If Ink Cartridge Is Empty

Knowing how much ink is left in your cartridge is important especially if you want continuous workflow.  There are ways to know whether you have an empty ink cartridge or on low ink-levels. There are 3 easiest methods on how to tell if your ink cartridge is empty. Continue Reading


What Is Toner Made of and How it Works

What is the most common work in a traditional office? Printing different types of stuff for work, right? Sometimes you need to use a photocopier or sometimes you need to use a laser printer for the accuracy. But in both cases, you need to use a toner. This is the main part of a photocopier or a printer. The toner works on the pages and prints the output following the command. What is toner made of? When I searched about the toner problems and solutions, I surprisingly found that, a lot of people really don’t know what is toner made of. Here I am going to explain the thing which will help you to understand about the toner of a printer or of a photocopier. Continue Reading