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Ink Jet Color Printers – What You Must Know

Ink Jet Color Printers - What You Must Know

Major technology companies have made a range of printers for computer systems that are excellent for using at home or in the company. For most workplaces as well as homes, these types of printers are of a suitable size. The latest models of the cheapest printer to operate have effective technologies. Because of technological improvements, these devices are smaller in proportions. However, they are very affordable as well as being highly efficient. Continue Reading

Laser Printers

The Best Cheap Color Printer for Home Use

HP Officejet Pro 276dw

Inkjet color printers are the most commonly used color printers for home. Originally, inkjet color printers were manufactured for home use. They were slow workers when compared to other devices such as laser jet printer. These days some models are fast enough to meet a home’s requirements. For instance, HP Officejet Pro 276dw is the the best printer for home use with cheap ink for 2016. Continue Reading


HP 1200d Ink Cartridges And Printheads – Laser Tek Services

HP 1200d ink cartridges are designed with printhead-less ink tanks. The individual printheads are available as separate consumables with one printhead available for each color. Furthermore, printheads come with a lifespan independent of the supply of the ink tanks.

This set up has considerably reduced the pricing of the inkjet’s consumables. However, there is a way to amplify generated cost savings. This is possible through the use of remanufactured ink cartridges.

Scroll down a little further to scan our lineup of HP 1200d Ink Cartridges and printheads. We offer both OEM and remanufactured ink cartridge variants for the ink tanks.


Remanufactured Ink Cartridges: HP No. 10

We offer top of the line HP 1200d remanufactured ink cartridges. Industry standards and protocols to remanufacturing have been faithfully observed and complied with during its production.

Each remanufactured HP 1200d Ink cartridge has been restored from the ground up. This provides users with highly reliable and dependable remanufactured ink cartridges. Moreover, users can expect consistent and superior inkjet print performance. This is highly expected with every monochrome and color pages turned out by the HP Business Inkjet 1200 series printer.

Save up to 80% when you choose remanufactured ink.


OEM HP 1200d Printhead – HP No. 11

Printheads are sold separately from ink tanks. Each color printhead is rated 24,000 pages while the black print head can sustain 16,000 pages at 5% page coverage.

So if you ever need to replace those printheads, bookmark this page for future reference. Our OEM printheads are cheaper by 5% and we offer FREE Shipping plus next day delivery options as well.


HP No. 13 HP 1200 D Ink Cartridges

We also have on stock OEM HP ink cartridges. If you are using the HP 1200 D or HP 1000 inkjet, we have the complete set of 4 color ink cartridges ready to ship with your order.


HP Business Inkjet 1200 D Series Printer

Ink cartridge printheads typically last longer than the ink supply. Outfitting inkjets with printheads that are independent of the ink tanks therefore makes a lot of sense. This is the cost efficient technology behind this budget inkjet that was released in 2004.

The HP Business Inkjet 1200 series printer has been the printer of choice for many small businesses. Expert Printer Review revealed that this printer model not only turned out the fastest print time among inkjets, but also bested the slowest laser printers in the market in terms of print speed.

Colour laser printers were retailing for more than $500 back in the heyday. HP Business Inkjet 1200 retailed for less than $200 during its initial release.

This inkjet therefore meets halfway the cost constraints and print performance required by small businesses.