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December 2016


Refillable Toner Cartridge – How It Is Done

Replacing your printer’s toner cartridge is really expensive. However, there is actually a cheaper option to replace your empty toner cartridge. Some are even surprise to hear that refillable toner cartridge is possible.

You have an option to refill new toner powder for a few number of times. Refillable toner cartridge allows you to reuse the cartridge preventing the cost of  buying a new one. Toner refill kits can be purchased to refill empty toner cartridge that have eventually run out. It is the cheapest way to get cost effective printing experience. Toner refill kits are designed to meet printers specification and examined to make good quality printouts. The following are helpful tips in refilling your empty cartridge.

  1. Locate or make a fill hole . You need to remove the cap that seals the cartridge. If this is not possible on your cartridge model, toner hole making tool can be used.  Your cartridge has a compartment tank which holds the toner powder.
  2. Fill the cartridge with the right toner. Once you already have the hole, pour the right amount of toner into the cartridge toner hopper.
  3. Reseal the fill hole.  Using a tape to secure and prevent leaking reseal the fill hole; or you can simply insert back the cap.

What To Do With Old Toner Cartridges?

Toner cartridges have their print limits. So when they finally run out of toner, have you ever wondered what to do with old toner cartridges?  Many companies and individuals take advantage of these empty consumables for monetary potentials and huge savings. Here are some ways to make use of your old toner cartridges.

Toner cartridges are capable of a few numbers of refilling. Instead of buying a new cartridge, reusing your old one with toner refill kit is the cheapest printing solution you can have. Toner refills are almost 90% cheaper than an OEM cartridge and contains the same amount toner powder. Refills also promises the same number of page yield. Why let go of a perfectly working empty toner cartridge so soon?

Return programs
Printer manufacturers have return programs which allows you to send back empty toner cartridges in exchange for points or rewards. However, there are also companies and charity events that take old cartridges in exchange for money. Yes, you can earn money with your old toner cartridges. This option is perfect for those who have empty consumables in bulk.


What is Remanufactured ink? – Things you don’t know

Millions of printer user worldwide might be using remanufactured ink for everyday printing needs. Hence, some still don’t know exactly what is remanufactured ink. Here are some facts about remanufactured ink:

  1. Remanufactured ink cartridge is made out of new and recycled components. This type of ink cartridge reuses most its parts. Recycled cartridges can be sent back to the manufacturer for cleaning, examining and replacing damaged parts.
  2. Buying recycled ink cartridge helps in reduce environmental impacts by keeping unnecessary metals and plastics out of the landfills. Some consumers are not aware that purchasing remanufactured ink is one way to lessen the waste we produced.
  3. Aftermarket inks are good since they are less expensive, so you can save more money. Purchaser could have a cost savings of between 15 and 50 percent per order.
  4. Remanufactured ink won’t damage your printer machines, leak ink or result in substandard print quality. Hence, always remember that all ink cartridges and printers whether old or new have the capacity to fail.
  5. Remanufactured ink can be purchased online for convenient shopping at a discounted rate.  If you purchase online, you will quickly find plenty of ink stores offering huge discounts.

What is Printer Toner?

If you are an office worker or an entrepreneur, you are probably dealing with voluminous paper works. You might also be using printer machines for your document printing needs. Eventually, you have had asked yourself what is printer toner? How does it works to create images and texts?. The following are the things you should know about what is printer toner.

Made of simple powder. Printer toners are made of simple powder that produces texts and images. In its earliest form, they used a mixture of carbon powder and iron oxide. Then later, they added polymer to the melted carbon to make the printout look better and vibrant.

Helps cut the costs in printing. Using printer toner helps cut the cost in office printing since it is cheaper than ink. It also allow users to print thousands of pages before changing another cartridge.

Sealed cartridge. The older models of printers used in early times required the users to manually pour the chemicals from the bottle to the reservoir inside the printer machines. Whereas, printer machines brought out today use sealed cartridge directly fed to the machine which prevents messiness in printing preparation. Cartridges for printer is important as it serves as the reservoir for ink or toner.