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July 2015

Printer Troubleshooting

How to Fix Error B200 for Canon Pixma MP560?

How to Fix Error B200 for Canon Pixma MP560

If you have a Canon inkjet printer, chances are you’ve encountered Error B200 at some point. This error has bothered me numerous times too. Good thing, I learned how to manage and resolve this error on my own. Now, this simple troubleshooting guide should help you fix Error B200 for the Pixma MP560. I applied these courses of actions countless of times and success rate is at 8 out of 10. That’s pretty high (I think?!) which is why I’m confidently sharing it with you guys. Continue Reading

Printer Troubleshooting

How To Fix Epson WF-4630 Wireless Printer Not Printing?

How To Fix Epson WF-4630 Wireless Printer Not Printing

Earlier this month, a mom of two asked me if I could resolve her Epson WF- 4630 troubles. It seems that the wireless printer refuses to print even after trying all likely solutions. Upon checking, I found out that the printer itself was not the root of the problem but rather their Wi-Fi connection. This problem is typical with wireless printers – so common that it can be resolved with no trouble. There are various solutions you can do to handle this issue. You can follow through with the troubleshooting guide below. These courses of actions should be enough to fix common issues pertaining to the Wi-Fi connection. Continue Reading