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April 2015

Laser Printers

Toshiba Erasable Toner – A Great Deal for Business Copy Centers

When you venture a photocopying business, it is expected to reserve paper supplies by the time it runs out due to technical problems of the machine. A bunch of papers are wasted because of these unforeseen blunders and misprints. Truly, it is an expensive and detrimental situation to be in. Great innovations introduced by Toshiba technology lets you save paper multiple times up to 5 rounds to be exact and guarantee you with enormous satisfaction. It is the release of the Toshiba erasable toner that has the ability to recycle printed paper. Continue Reading


How Does Epson Connect Work?

With the technology Epson uses nowadays, they make the impossible possible. Truly, Epson exceeds your vision as the tagline says. Great services like Epson Connect with Epson printer, you can instantly scan, email and print anywhere. But how is this email-enabled device works? Epson Connect works with your iPads, iPhones, smartphones, tablets, portable computers where you can wirelessly print documents, webpages and photos. This free service helps your printing job easier by comfortably emailing your documents from your mobile devices to any Epson compatible printers. Continue Reading

Printer Troubleshooting

How To Reset Drum Life on Oki c5500?

For an impressive color printer like the Oki C5500 expect that it has a bit complicated parts to deal with. A feature of this machine includes 4 different drums for each CMYK color. And each of these needs to be reset when it is refilled or replaced. The Okidata 43381704 drum (for black) for instance has a page yield of 20,000 pages but is usually the first one that gets depleted. After the replacement, here’s how to reset its drum life.

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