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Bluetooth Printer: How To Connect With Other Electronic Devices?

How To Connect With Other Electronic Devices?

A bluetooth printer is one enabled to connect to other bluetooth enabled devices wirelessly, like the laptop or mobile phones.

In the past, connecting the PC or laptops to the mouse, the keyboard, to the phone, speakers and a lot more were only made possible by wired connections. The back of the devices looks like a nightmare of wires that could go crazy anytime. Today however, thanks to the bluetooth technology, all criss crossing wires were eliminated and devices can connect with each other wirelessly. But, bluetooth is not finite, the range is limited to about 10 meters or 32 feet, breaking the limit, the devices will not work.
Why was it called Bluetooth? It was actually named after the King of Denmark in the late 900’s, which is only appropriate since the technology comes from the Nordic Region, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. King Harald Bluetooth was the king that united Denmark and part of Norway and introduced Christianity. The use of the King’s name indicates how important his contribution to the Nordic region.

As a backgrounder, bluetooth technology has been relied upon as the basis for intercommunication because it is evidently cheaper and automatic. Once the initial protocols have been complied with, the system responds once turned on. This is different from infrared transmission where the devices need to be lined up and line of sight established to connect. There is no such thing as interference in bluetooth, because the signal can traverse even through walls.

Modern devices are manufactured with bluetooth included as a standard feature, but each is dealt with an address protocol that needs to be configured to work with other devices. Here are some points to consider to allow the bluetooth printer to communicate with other electronic devices:

  1. Turn on the bluetooth to make it discoverable, meaning it can be felt by other devices within range. Check or visit the manufacturers website for more information and learn how to connect.
  2. In windows, just select the Start button, and type in < bluetooth > and select settings from the list.
  3. After which turn on >bluetooth > select the device> then pair, follow instructions as it appear. Connection is done.
  4. The instruction when followed makes the device live and connected to the other specific device.

Take note, that after this initial setup, the PC or laptop and the bluetooth printer will communicate automatically with each other once bluetooth is turned on both devices.
Remember, a bluetooth printer can only respond to a PC or other mobile devices if such are bluetooth enabled also.  

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