Is The Cost The Same For Photos, Color, Black And White Pages?

The cost to print in color is essentially higher compared to black and white or monochromatic printing. The difference lies in the application of cartridges in the process.

For monochromatic printing, only one (black) cartridge is used. This applies to inkjet or laser printers. That is why monochromatic printers are much simpler and smaller in size compared to color printers.

Color printers employ four CYMK (cyan, yellow, magenta and black) cartridges. The printer manages the four-color cartridges to print in color or photos. Just by the sheer use of multiple cartridges and sophistication of color printers makes color and photo printing expensive.

The bottom line, to save on printing costs, use a monochromatic printer for black and white documents. Color printers must be used only to print colored documents and photos. Never use a colored printer to print black and white, the result is dirty gray printouts aside from being expensive

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