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    Canon Printer Scanner: Info on how to scan?

    Canon Printer Scanner: Info on how to scan?

    We know that a Canon printer scanner can transform any physical document into digital format direct to a computer. But how to scan from printer needs to follow some sets of instructions to go through the process.

    But before we delve into the intricacies, see to it that the current Canon printer is blessed with a scanning feature. Not all printer models though can scan, but if it is an all-in-one (AIO) surely it has this one feature as part of the printers capabilities. Scanning is possible on printers that run on both Mac or Windows operating systems (OS).

    Most Canon printers have been engineered to connect wirelessly and instructions are accessed through the touch screen panel. However, a USB cable is added to the pack as back-up, should wireless connectivity fails or could be non existent. This connection duo is important because radio signals are never consistent and could affect in some ways printing runs.

    To start, plug the printer on and open or lift up the scanners lid (cover), a bare glass surface is at the bottom of the device. Place the document face down on the glass surface and orient the document through the markings present on the glass bottom. Additional instruction are usually found in the Canon’s instruction manual.

    Once everything is in order, close the scanner lid and hit the scan button. The printer will now do its share and produce digital clones of the documents. On the other hand if the printer has an all in one paper feeder, documents can be scanned through it as an alternative. This is much easier because symbols guides users on how to insert the document in the use of the built-in scanner.

    That’s about it, the process on how to scan from printer through a Canon printer scanner is now complete. And judging from the gravity of the instructions, the process is really simple and easy to manage.